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Age One Visit – Wilmington, IL

The First Step is Often the Most Important

Every parent wants their little ones to have a healthy smile for their entire lives. Making sure that they begin seeing a dentist as early as possible makes it much easier for you to meet this goal, and an appointment at Grand Dental – Wilmington can be an excellent starting point. Every child is different; our team is well aware of that fact, which is why they personalize the way they examine and treat your child’s smile. Also, at our office you can set up an appointment with the Grand Dental Group’s pediatric specialist if your little one ever needs care from a true expert. Is your child’s first birthday coming up? Now’s the time to put them on your dental insurance plan and get in touch to set up their first appointment.

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Why Choose Grand Dental – Wilmington for an Age One Dental Visit?

Why Schedule an Age One Dental Visit?

Little girl having her teeth examined by a female dentist

It’s agreed by many notable dental institutions (including the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) that the best time for a child’s first dental appointment is either around the time of their first birthday or within six months of getting their first tooth. If you wait any longer than that, then there’s a very good chance that the teeth may have already experienced some level of decay. Baby teeth tend to be more susceptible to cavities than adult teeth because the layer of enamel protecting them is thinner. As such, biannual dental checkups and cleanings can be extremely important early on, as they can potentially prevent your child from having to experience a dental emergency that could end up coloring the way they view dental care in a negative light.

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What Happens During an Age One Visit?

Little boy in patterned shirt having his teeth examined

We’ll take a close look at the teeth and gums as well as other oral tissues; we’ll also see if the jaw is already showing signs of developmental problems. After a gentle cleaning is performed, we can put together a treatment plan based on your child’s needs. Through it all, we’ll make sure that your little one feels safe and relaxed at all times. Future visits will go much smoother if they enjoy coming to our office, after all!

The Age One Visit is also an educational opportunity for parents. Are you wondering if you’re using the best method for cleaning your child’s teeth? Are you feeding them age-appropriate smile-friendly foods? What do you need to know about the oral development process going forward? We’ll make sure that you have a firm grasp on the basics, and we encourage you to ask questions of your own.

What are the Benefits of Early Dental Care?

Close-up of a child’s white, healthy smile

Simply put, beginning preventive care around your child’s first birthday means that they start receiving protection against tooth decay and gum disease as early as possible. This reduces the risk of experiencing serious oral health problems that could lead to higher dental costs, more frequent appointments that pull your child out of school, and oral pain. A smile that’s been cared for since the beginning is one that will last for decades!

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