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Special Needs Dentistry – Wilmington, IL

Where Special Smiles Come for Custom Care

When caring for a special needs child in Wilmington, it’s essential they receive regular dental care that is personalized according to their unique needs. At Grand Dental – Wilmington, our team of experts believes in providing special accommodations that make these visits inviting, comfortable, and enjoyable for both children and their parents. We recognize those with behavioral, developmental, physical, and mental disabilities can suffer from serious oral health problems, and it is our goal to minimize these issues while developing a positive approach to oral hygiene. From working with children to help them better understand the basics of dental health to providing parents or guardians with recommended products and tips designed to make oral health easier to maintain at home, our team is here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment if you want to learn more about special needs dentistry.

Why Choose Grand Dental – Wilmington for Special Needs Dentistry?

Who Can Benefit From Special Needs Dentistry?

Children who have physical, mental, development, and behavioral impairments can benefit from special needs dentistry. Because many of these conditions often make it difficult to perform daily tasks, oral health issues can easily develop, including gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities. Often with limited mobility, teeth grinding, poorly aligned bites, restricted diets, and dry mouth due to taking certain medications, problems that form inside the mouth can form quickly and require regular dental care to avoid.

This is why Grand Dental – Wilmington is a safe place for children with special needs to receive the care they need. Not only will we check for potential problems, but we’ll also provide helpful tips and techniques parents can use at home to ensure optimal oral health in between appointments.

What Happens During a Special Needs Visit?

Boy smiling with dentist in Wilmington

There are many steps our team will take when offering dental care for special needs in Wilmington. We understand children do not respond well to loud noises which is why we will always be mindful of our tone and level of our voices. Using positive reinforcement and encouraging words are also part of our approach as well as using dental props to make it easier for children to keep their mouths open while undergoing a checkup.

By incorporating these steps during a special needs visit, we can ensure a more successful, swift, and comfortable experience for the child. This often leads to more positive visits in the future and healthier smiles.

How Grand Dental – Wilmington Can Help Your Child With Special Needs

Girl smiling in Wilmington

We understand parents may have many questions about their child’s unique care, and we encourage individuals to ask questions and inquire about specialized treatment. This is why we are pleased to have Dr. Shuran Liang on staff as our board-certified pediatric dentist. His training and knowledge allow him to identify problems early on and make appropriate recommendations regarding treatment. With Dr. Liang’s expertise, children with special needs can enjoy healthier smiles year after year.

What Is The Rainbow System?

Boy undergoing checkup in Wilmington

To make a child’s visit more manageable and comfortable, our team at Grand Dental – Wilmington uses the Rainbow Stabilizing System. Consisting of a papoose board and a unique wrap, we can safely secure a child’s arms and legs to make their dental visit easier for everyone involved. And the entire system is welcoming and inviting, so children feel more at ease when in use.